Hello, I am Roxanne, founder and principal of an award-winning residential San Diego landscape design and garden design company. I specialize in urban Zen garden, succulent garden and container design. My strength lies in creating high-style garden designs for real-life budgets, custom landscape design plans with exceptional plants that give a unique and distinct look to fit clients' lifestyle. I particularly enjoy designing and creating small space gardens. With the right design, plants and accessories, small garden spaces can add beauty and quality to your lifestyle.

What Makes Singing Gardens Different?

I became a landscape designer after a personal experience of bad landscape renovation. That inspired me and train to become a professional.  Let me share my insights to help you avoid common mistakes made by myself and many others.

A few years ago I needed a front yard landscape renovation before my son’s first communion.  We had invited family from out of town.  Although my husband is handy, I wanted to have it done professionally.  I had no clue how to hire a landscape contractor.  When I saw a contractor working in my neighborhood and I hired him, only because he was there.  His crew worked on my front yard every day for a couple of weeks.  The third week the workers were there for a couple days, and then they came by even less frequently.  Sometimes I had to call to find out where they were.  Within weeks, I realized I had made a big landscape mistake.   The work and design plan the contractor showed me were not in sync.  After weeks of stress, many discussions, and sleepless nights, we decided to cut our losses.  We had a deadline and the landscape was not going to be finished on time. Needless to say I hadn’t done my homework and I did not listen to my intuition.  I only cared about the bottom line–lowest cost.

After my bad experience of landscape renovation, I studied ornamental horticulture landscape design and landscape architecture to gauge my interest.  It was there I found my passion.  After graduating from Cuyamaca College, I started a San Diego landscape design company to share my experience, knowledge, gardening tips and landscape design ideas with you.

Until I designed my own garden, I did not know why some people spend so much money and effort in their gardens.  I soon realized how much enjoyment gardens brings, a place to relax and spend time with family and friends, a place to unwind from a busy day, a place of beauty and joy.

I’d love to discuss your landscape with you.  My designs have won awards and have been published locally, nationally and internationally.  Contact me, an award winning San Diego landscape designer to design a backyard for you that is resort worthy.