Eye Candy Hanging Garden - Knock Your Socks Off

If you are looking for original DIY holiday decoration in an unconventional way then you gotta try this hanging garden, it will knock your socks off.  This project is original, creative and so easy and inexpensive. This challenging economy you need to be more creative.  I only spent money on plants, everything else was what I already have. 


Hanging garden is a fresh perspective way to decorate your home and everybody can see it.  It is a great idea for small spaces, apartments, indoor and outdoor, garden decor, window dressing, vertical gardening, and upcycled projects.

Make your Poinsettia stand out.  Don’t limit it for just front entrance, near fire place, and on the tables.  Hang them with Christmas stockings or holiday socks.  Put a couple of led lights or Christmas lighting around for evening parties. You will enjoy making this project with your kids and family.  More the merrier.

This project I used holiday socks since I was using smaller plants.  If you are using bigger size plants or using Christmas stockings instead, decide which part you are going to use first, before you cut. 


  • Poinsettia (red or white your choice)

  • Stockings or holiday socks

  • Knee high panty hose or stocking (just cut off the bottom part, you can also use old stocking you don’t wear, it’s the outside that matters (festive)

  • Twine or Hemp

  • Rubber band (optional)

  • Thread or Fishing Line (optional)

  • Needle

  • Scissor

  • Utility Knife

  • Gloves

  • Container Bowl

  • Water

  • Safety Glass (optional)

Tip: You can precut stockings and knee high panty hose prior to starting to save time.  I cut stocking into three pieces; top, bottom and heel.  You can discard the heel part.  You can also sew top part of stocking prior if you wish to.  Make sure to flip stocking inside out so you can sew the cut end of the stocking. This sewing step is optional to save time.  I used 4” pot nursery container, you can also use one gallon size.  Your stocking will stretch so cut the length accordingly with your plant size.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Water your Poinsettia before you take them out of the nursery container. This will make it easier to shape its ball size later.

  2. Wear gloves and take Poinsettia gently out of the nursery container and set aside.

  3. Recycle nursery container to hold the dirt as funnel if you are making this project alone. But if you have someone to help you hold the pantyhose while you are putting Poinsettia in, you can omit this step.

  4. Cut the container about 2” high with utility knife so you can use it as a funnel to hold panty hose.

  5. Cut off the top rib part of the knee high pantyhose. This will prevent the bulkiness. But if you are using bigger pot and bigger stocking, it may not necessary to cut.

  6. Once you take the plant out of a container, you will notice that the shape of the dirt is tapered wide on top and narrow on the bottom. Take some of the dirt on top and add onto the bottom. Slowly shape it into a round ball. It’s easier when the soil is wet so you can mold them easily. Set aside.

  7. Carefully wrap pantyhose around the cut container. Put ball shaped Poinsettia into pantyhose. Poinsettia is soft so be gentle while you are making this project, it may break. Note: Contact with the sap of a poinsettia plant may cause a mild, itchy rash. If this happens, wash the affected area with soap and water. If white sap gets into your eyes, wash your eyes with water thoroughly. You can wear safety glasses to prevent this if you would like. The milky sap doesn’t bother my skin.

  8. Once you’ve inserted Poinsettia, wrap knee high around a couple of times and make a knot. You can use scissors to cut and make it into two parts to tie a knot.

  9. Reshape your dirt by squeezing it all around to make it a ball. If you are making more than one hanging planter, repeat Steps 5 through Step 9.

  10. Dunk your plant into water. Make sure to soak them enough before you put the Poinsettia into holiday/Christmas decorative stocking.

  11. Cut Christmas stocking/holiday socks. I used holiday socks for this DIY project. Cut it into three parts- top, heel, and bottom toe part. Discard heel part and keep shin and toe part. You can make two planters out of it. For the toe (bottom) part you don’t need to sew.

  12. To sew top shin part, you will need to flip it inside out. Once you flip the sock, you can sew with thread and needle. I used fishing line here to make it invisible. You can use whatever thread you have. Don’t need to buy fishing line just to make this project. Remember no one will see the bottom.

  13. Take your plant out of the water and ring it. Squeeze out as much as you can. Reshape your dirt by squeezing it all around.

  14. Insert Poinsettia into stocking slowly. Shape it as needed. Hold stuffed Poinsettia and wrap around with rubber band. If you don’t have rubber band, you can use twine. Wrap around several times and make sure it’s secured.

  15. Cut twine as your desired length. Before you cut, consider where you will be hanging these plants so you know how long and how much to cut.

  16. Loop around couple of times and tie twine.

  17. Fold and tuck top part of the stocking to make it look good. Whoa! Now you are ready to hanging them.

I used different color and pattern stockings to make it more festive.  You can use all same colors and size if you wish to make it more formal.  Remember, I used what I already have.  This is how I was able to stay at low cost. 

I had a lot of fun making this project. You’ve got to give this a try.  Your holiday decoration will be standing out of your neighbors and they will admire and talk of the town this year.



Poinsettia plants like to be kept on the dry side. Water as often as needed, dunk your plant in the water; allow it to dry before hanging again.  Poinsettia plants are extremely brittle, handle with care so as not to snap branches.  

After holidays, you can take hanging plant apart and plant the Poinsettia in the ground if you wish to.  And yes, it’s not just for holiday decoration.  It can grow in the landscape.  One of my clients here in Southern California planted Poinsettia on her part-shaded side yard and they grew about five to six feet tall.  They look so exotic and it doesn’t look Christmassy at all, it definitely stands out in the ground.  If planting in the ground isn’t your cup of tea, just say “bye, bye” to Poinsettia until next year. 

I hope I have inspired you until the next article. :)