Vertical Garden

Green Conversational Piece

Vertical gardening is just one of the many gardening trends that are sweeping the country.  Our most asked and pinned photos are of vertical gardens from different parts of the world.  So we thought of blogging our first blog on this topic.


If you are tired of the typical gardening and failed, try vertical gardening.  Vertical gardening will revitalize your yard as living walls symbolize the newest gardening trend.  They are a wonderful way to easily increase your plant collection, as well as a beautiful way to decorate your walls.  It’s a great conversational piece.  Works of botanical art can be made in any size from a single plant to an entire wall.


Many people now live in communities where they have the option to pick from one of four or five similar floor plans, but landscaping and gardening is different.  One of the best ways to maximize space in a small garden is to think vertically.  While it can have its challenges, when executed properly, vertical gardening can allow you to grow vegetables, create a canopy of shade, or even provide you with stunning living art.

Succulents are perfect plants for vertical living art.  These fascinating plants provide an exciting visual interest with their multitude of colors, sizes, and shapes throughout the year. Seasonal blooms are simply an added bonus.  In a mixed setting, the plants are like a piece of art, drawing the eye to their striking beauty.  

A variety of manufacturers supply living wall components - usually made of metal, plastic or felt modules. Some modules come with mounding hardware/brackets to secure on the backside and are equipped with an internal drip irrigation system or with the capability to add it.  Most can be taken down for irrigation or plant replacement.

As for the plastic module, expect the following -- dry spots, uneven watering system (even with the internal drip irrigation system).  As plant grows, the weight of the plants makes them pop out of their cell, frequent maintenance and plant replacement.


See photo on the top right with an automatic drip irrigation system.  Less than one year later, we replace them.  This is the ugly side of the shallow module.  Succulents are best at the time of installation and a few months after.  There’s no such thing -  garden without maintenance.

We have been very successful with Florafelt – nylon felt ( to see more).  It mounts on walls, keeps plants’ places, hangs from hooks, plastic backboard, and comes in different sizes.  


If creating botanical art isn’t your cup of tea, or if you doubt your DIY skill to give this gardening idea a go, then try container pots.