Side Yard Makeover as Catio & Yoga Room

Do your pets need their own space?  If yes, then this blog article will inspire you.   Animals are a big part of our lives and we want to make sure they have their own space just like us humans have ours.


Everyone has ugly sides – that’s the forgotten side yard which I am talking about.  Most of us don’t even know what to do with our side yards other than just storing trash/recycling bins.  Here we have transformed wasted space to multi-purpose outdoor room not only human friendly but also for the furry friends. 

For this small side yard makeover, the homeowners wanted to transform an unused space along the south side of the property into a multi-purpose area, predominantly to serve as a “catio” but also to a create an attractive covered sitting area off the guest bedroom.

Before photo of side yard - Catio & Yoga Outdoor Room

Before photo of side yard - Catio & Yoga Outdoor Room

Key aspects to the design brief were help with “hiding the ugly” (an on-demand water heater and HVAC unit) and creating a fun but secure covered area for the cats that didn’t block light or look like an animal enclosure. Additionally, a continuation of the home’s modern feel and aesthetic was also important.


A mix of materials, including 2 x 2-inch redwood painted white, were installed between a pre-existing aluminum and acrylic covered patio structure to keep the cats safe without reducing view. The Ipe wood deck added warmth and beautifully bridged the gap between sliding doors from the guest bedroom to the property’s exterior wall.


From an unused ‘dead’ space to catio and bonus sunroom, the 200-square foot area now also double as an attractive sanctuary for the cats and homeowners to relax. Assorted décor from IKEA, including an arm chair, side table, rug, and planters, created an inviting and comfortable environment for visitors to sit, read, practice yoga or watch the cats. Due to the east-west facing location it enjoys dappled early morning light from the east and a gentle breeze, plus a warm golden glow when the sun sets to the west.


This is the indoor and outdoor room which is a purrfect spot to enjoy for pets too.

enclosed cat patio by Singing Gardens.jpg