Dish Garden Design & Ideas

Attention Brown and Black Thumb Gardeners – Try dish gardening!  Something that’s small scale and a way to ditch the in-ground gardening.  A dish garden is an arrangement of plants placed inside dishware, a type of container garden.  


Dish gardening is a fun and creative way to include plants indoors and outdoors setting.  Not to mention you can make one in less than an hour if you have all the material in hands.  Don’t spend your money for the container! Just use your old dishes, cereal bowls, tea cups, saucers, glass stem wares, soup mugs, coffee mugs and plates around the house. Also try some of your occasionally used dishes.

Dish gardens can also make ideal housewarming gifts, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any day gift ideas since they can add a natural touch to a home and garden with its perfect size as a centerpiece for an outdoor party and patio tables too.   


The dish garden arrangement will last longer than cut flower arrangement but it is not a long term arrangements.   Dish gardens have limited root space and the plants will outgrow the dish quickly.  Choose a slow growing plant such as succulents and cacti to having to replace them too often.

How much and how often to water? Like all other living plants - it’s all depending on the water, soil, wind, light and the environment (indoor or outdoor), climate, micro climate, care, and the types of plants used and how well it has been constructed.   

Try creating a quick and easy dish garden with your kids.  It’s fun. Drainage holes in the container would be great but not necessary.  Just don’t over water it.