Container gardening is our specialty.  If you enjoy flowers, seasonal color, low maintenance plants, lawnless landscaping, consider container gardening.  Container gardening is all about creating a custom design to fit your needs.  It’s beautiful, practical, versatile, mobile, softens hard edges, gives visual impact and requires no digging.  It’s perfect for landscaping small yards and for accenting large ones.

You can make a garden in pots.  Explore different shapes, new plants, unusual containers, beautiful vibrant colors and rich textures to keep your yard looking fresh in any season.  Container gardens can go anywhere: indoors and outdoors.  They are a great way to spruce up your front entrance or to finish off an empty corner. 

Tips for container gardening

Container plants lose moisture quickly and some plants will need to be watered more frequently than others.  Use the correct soil. Put plants with similar water needs together. Use self watering pots so you don’t over or under water them.

When selecting containers:

  • Select containers that complement the architecture of the home

  • Avoid containers with narrow openings at the top

  • Remember that plastic pots deteriorate in UV sunlight

  • Terracotta pots dry out fast

  • Wooden containers are susceptible to rot

  • Redwood and cedar are rot resistant

  • Glazed ceramic pots are good choices, but need to have drainage holes. Make sure to use drainage trays to protect the support surfaces.

  • When considering container sizes – bigger is better. A few over-sized containers look better than many small ones.

  • Multiple containers in the same theme (color, size, shape) look better than randomly selected pots.

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