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Mediterranean garden style is inspired by the sun-drenched shores of Europe and is a perfect choice for San Diego’s Mediterranean climate. This landscape design focuses on plants that enhance the architecture and beauty of the home. The style may be adapted to create a formal or informal landscape.

This spacious estate home has plenty of land to accommodate the variety of different garden styles that the owners enjoy: a Rose Garden, Shade Garden, Tropical Garden, Courtyard Garden featuring many container garden elements, and now a Mediterranean Garden.

Large, custom homes with plenty of land have room for beautiful gardens.  Unfortunately, in new developments the contractors often use limited imagination for the landscaping with their cookie cutter lawns and one obligatory tree. Your unique home deserves to stand out from the neighbors with landscaping that reflects your interests and good taste. 

The plants used in this home are hand selected from specialty nurseries taking the homeowner’s lifestyle and garden specification into consideration. The plants around the spa and swimming pool are carefully chosen for their minimal shedding and their ability to survive an occasional splashing from the chlorinated pool water.

In designing Mediterranean gardens we use plants that capture the proper look of a Mediterranean garden and group them according to their watering requirements. This is called zonal gardening and allows homeowners to easily meet the watering needs of their plants while using less water overall.

This back yard is like a tropical oasis, a cool blue swimming pool surrounded with palms. The large-leaved foliage and year-round color make it feel like there’s an island resort retreat in your own backyard.  An outdoor kitchen island keeps the heat out of the kitchen when entertaining family and guests outdoors.