Creativity and design services are not products with set price tags. The landscape industry includes highly diverse people and businesses of skill levels, experience, specialization, background, knowledge and education.  It is up to you to do your diligence to weed out the pretenders.

We always provide excellent value and premium quality work for a fair price.  We do not discount, hold special sales or offer momentary lower prices to give you a false sense of savings.  We simply lay everything out so you can make an informed decision.  We welcome questions and give you straight answers.

Every homeowner has a budget in mind.  Be honest and up front, and we will work with you to optimize your budget.  We offer flexible design service options to assist you in decision making and achieving the best possible results.  This approach gives you the best of both worlds.  Adding extra services to your primary design package or contracting installation separately will give you more flexibility, more quality control, more time and more saving.


There’s a $150 flat fee for the on-site consultation which consists of a maximum of two hours.  We do not provide free estimates and free consultations. 

The initial consultation is an opportunity to meet with you and go over your wish list and budget to help you with your decision on designing your landscape.  You will learn a lot of valuable information from your initial on-site consultation.  From that point, once you have met us, you decide what level of service you require, from design only to full completion. 

We are clear and upfront with the cost of landscape design plan fees and additional service fees.   We do not want to lure in your business with a “free consultation” because your time is valuable and good relationships are built on mutual respect.  Often “free” consultations end up costing you more once they are added into the final design fees. 

The consultation fee covers landscape designer’s time, mileage, and traveling time.  Consultations do not include landscape design plans.

Landscape Concept Design Plan

A landscape conceptual design drawing is a diagram of a bird’s eye view of the design layout.  It is created as a visualization of the features, plants and how they go together.

The design package includes a scaled CAD generated conceptual landscape design plan, planting plan, color images of planting, perspective/elevation drawings and PDF files.  It shows property lines, structures, hardscape features (such as driveway, patio, patio cover, BBQ grill, walls, entrance path, pool, water feature etc.), and softscape (plants, lawn, ground covers etc.).

Appropriate design options will vary depending on the scope of the project and budget. The amount of the design fee depends on the complexity of the project, size of lot and difficulty of the design. 

Custom landscape design plan begin at $2,500.  Installation and project coordination services are quoted separately and determined upon completion of design plans.

Planting Plan Design

The planting plan designates plants or plant groupings. The planting plan design shows the location of the plant in circles with a diameter of mature plant. The plant locations are noted with matching symbols in a legend. The planting legend has botanical name, common name, container size, and quantity.

It includes the property lines, general location of some hardscape, north arrow, scale, name of the client, and call outs in a scaled CAD drawing. This also shows landscape lighting product and placement of light fixture.

For our planting design we chose plants based on maintenance, height, width, texture, longevity, suitability, seasonal interest and color. Each plant is valuable, especially specimen trees, based on their growth, flower, location and sustainable potential. Long lived trees and shrubs have more value as they grow and are placed in appropriate areas to enhance their longevity.

We group our plants based on their water needs, separating them in different zones by applying seven principles of Xeriscape landscape. The choosing the right plant for the right place is the best way to assure sustainability for the landscape.

Custom planting plan design begin at $1500.  Installation and project coordination services are quoted separately and determined upon completion of design plans.

Additional Services

Once your design plan is complete if desired, we can guide homeowners through installation process, which involves: interviewing contractors with you, reviewing and negotiation bids, sourcing and researching specified materials, site visits in various intervals, plant material purchasing, tagging plant, outdoor furnishings, and custom container design.

Fees for additional services are handled under separate contract on either an hourly or project basis. Singing Gardens designers also work with landscape contractors of the homeowners’ choice. If you are interested in on-site consultation please Contact Us or fill out Landscape Design Questionnaire form.