If you are looking for an ultimate garden that’s green all year long– try a succulent garden.  Succulent gardening is hands down low maintenance and low watering.  Not familiar with succulents?  Succulent plants are characterized by thick, water-storing leaves or stems.  These beauties are softer than cacti and most of them don’t have spines. 

Just as every person is unique, everyone has the opportunity to have their landscape reflect their individuality…a place where the unique personality and taste of the owners can shine.

The homeowners requested no lawn, almost no maintenance, as little watering as possible without the irrigation system, kid friendly and engaging year-round curb appeal.  The solution was to create a visually pleasing front yard with succulent garden using an uncomplicated layout.

This small front yard has everything including function (in some cases, multifunction). It’s practical, and reflects the homeowner’s personal taste.  The landscape incorporates a multi-functional outdoor living space for family entertaining, block parties and a summer hangout place for movie nights and a fire pit for s ‘mores for kids of all ages.

Once the lawn was removed, there was plenty of space to build a courtyard garden.  We enhanced the front yard landscaping with a short stucco walled courtyard to separate the private and public areas and define this outdoor room.  The higher private area creates a separate courtyard entertaining area and gives more privacy, making the space much more functional than an open front lawn.

Landscaping is more than just the plants.  The exterior walls of the home provide the backdrop for the garden. Painted in strong but subtle earth tones the walls compliment the plants and garden design. The permanent raised planters, bench seating and retaining wall define the space and give it solidity. 

Succulents are perfect plants for this Southern California area and the home provides the perfect setting for a beautiful sidewalk-level succulent garden. These fascinating plants provide exciting visual interest year round with their multitude of colors, sizes and shapes. Seasonal blooms are simply an added bonus.  There’s no lawn to mow or flowers to fuss over and this succulent garden still has plenty of greenery.

A custom succulent vertical living wall art is an unexpected focal point of the landscape in this front yard design.  Unusual specimen plants in the container gardening make lovely eye candy.  The homeowners notice passersby frequently stop at their front yard to admire the landscaping from the street. 

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